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Fiduciary Management

Fiduciary Management

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Fiduciary Management

The focus of the fiduciary real estate management team lies on selecting the right investment properties that tie in with the strategy of clients. At present, the portfolios mainly target traditional property sectors (residential, retail and office properties). The geographical focus is on Western Europe. The strategies are aimed at achieving as attractive and stable a return as possible. In this process, funds and partners are selected that have a similar long-term vision and attach great value to sustainability and transparency.

Building blocks of the current portfolio:
•    Non-listed Dutch real estate
•    Non-listed European real estate
•    Listed European real estate
•    Direct Dutch real estate

The fiduciary real estate management team is responsible for managing the ASR Property Fund N.V. and manages the portfolio of non-listed European (including Dutch) properties of ASR Levensverzekering N.V.