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ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

A diversified core residential portfolio with a value of €1,0b.


ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund ASR Property Fund ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund
Fund size
Fund size
Approximately € 1.0 billion
Total items
Total items
Expected return
Expected return
Total IRR of 6% - 8%
97.5 %

ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund

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a.s.r. real estate investment management offers institutional investors the opportunity to invest in the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund (DCRF), with over € 0.9 billion in assets. This portfolio is the result of more than a century of investing and consists of a varied supply of high-quality apartments and single-family housing, mainly in the affordable housing segment in the Randstad. The portfolio has an attractive risk-return profile and generates stable long-term rental income and attractive value growth.

The fund’s strategy has twelve focus regions in the Netherlands, selected on demographic- and economic outlook and investment potential. The fund aims to generate a sustainable, stable and attractive return for its participants by investing in high-quality residential real estate and by managing and adding value to the existing portfolio.

Portfolio ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund


The residential portfolio of ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund is characterised by its variety of medium-sized apartments and single-family homes, mainly in the Randstad

Why choose ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund?

  • A well-diversified portfolio with a specific focus on the best locations
  • Rental potential: The portfolio has a 10% spread between contract- and market rents
  • Integrated organizational model: in-house fund, asset and property management
  • Research driven Fund strategy and active asset management

Fund profile (as per 30 June 2017)

Fund name

ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund


Liberalised residential rental segment

Current fund size 

Approximately € 1.0 billion

Total number of objects


Dividend yield 


Expected return (IRR)

Total net IRR of 6% - 8% 

Risc Profile/investment style



Unlimited life, closed-end fund


0% (temporarily max 30%)

Fiscal structure

Mutual Fund


Meeting of Investors, Investment Committee


Institutional investors, minimum 20% co-investment a.s.r. 

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a.s.r. real estate investment management (a.s.r. reim) has been investing in and managing real estate portfolios on behalf of institutional investors for more than 125 years.

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