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The residential portfolio of ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund is characterised by its variety of medium-sized apartments and single-family homes, mainly in the Randstad, that can be rented out in different economic circumstances. On this page we show you a limited selection.

Amsterdam, Wicherskwartier

Wicherskwartier comprises 136 apartments, 4 commercial spaces and various communal areas.

Zoetermeer (The Hague), Futura

Futura comprises 69 multi-family units with private parking in the vicinity of the city centre of the Hague.

Utrecht, Terwijde

Two, three and four-room apartments, 200 in total, with a usable surface area of between 53 and 143 sq.m.

Den Haag, Amadeus

40 rental apartements located at the Kalvermarkt in the centre of The Hague.

Huizen, (Gooi area),

136 single family houses, each approximately 100 sq.m.

Amersfoort Vathorst

This complex comprises of 160 apartments with different characteristics and several parking facilities.