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Privacy statement

This privacy statement is intended to clarify what we do with your personal data. We ask you to provide personal data when you apply for or purchase a product or service from a.s.r. real estate investment management. You provide this data to us directly, or through a manager/third party engaged by us or your adviser, e.g. via the website, by email or by telephone. We handle your personal data with due care, keeping them secure and confidential, as described in this privacy statement.

We process and use your personal data in accordance with: 
the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens)

Your personal data
Personal data consists of all data that is known about you, such as your name, data of birth, contact details, bank account number, and, in exceptional cases, your citizen service number (BSN). We process this data in order to provide you with services. This data is used for processing your application and for the conclusion and execution of contracts.

We are occasionally required by law to disclose personal data to third parties, such as the tax authorities. We may also use your personal data for marketing purposes. You can indicate what you do and do not wish to receive in the way of information.

To protect your privacy, we have taken organizational and technical measures. Our employees have a duty to of confidentiality and we ensure the best possible security for our access systems, computer networks, servers and our buildings. Moreover, we do not store data longer than necessary.

Special personal data
Special personal data includes information on previous convictions. Information on previous convictions provided in your application form, for example, is processed by a.s.r. or by the manager. Such data is processed with extra care, often by a select group of employees who have signed an additional non-disclosure agreement. Data is also recorded in the context of detecting fraud, abuse and improper use of data. 

Services provided by third parties 
a.s.r. may make your personal data known or available to or for its group companies. In addition, we may sometimes engage other companies, such as managers, debt collection agencies or firms of loss adjusters, to carry out services on our behalf that relate to the execution of our contract with you. In such cases, a.s.r. remains responsible for the processing of your data. We reach contractual agreements with these parties on how your data is to be handled, so that your privacy continues to be safeguarded.

Changes to this privacy statement
Please note that this privacy statement is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. We may amend the wording of this privacy statement in response to new developments, e.g. in the context of our operating activities or changes in rules and regulations. We therefore recommend that you read this page occasionally when visiting our website. This text was amended for the last time in April 2015.

You have a number of rights regarding the use of your personal data by a.s.r. These rights are explained below. 

Inspection and correction 
If you ask us a question concerning yourself or any other persons in relation to your product, contract or services, we cannot answer your question until we are sufficiently certain that we are dealing with you. Should you wish to grant others permission to handle your affairs, please arrange this by means of a power of attorney. This is the only way that we can prevent the abuse or incorrect use of your data.

You have a number of rights relating to your personal data:

  • the right to inspect the data we have recorded on you;
  • the right to submit a request to have your data corrected, e.g. changes or deletions;
  • the right to object to certain uses of your data.

Please send any requests to inspect or correct data to:
a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer
Attn: Klachtenservice (Complaints Service)
PO Box 2008 
3500 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands

or send an email to asr.klachten.asrvv@asr.nl, stating “Request to inspect data” in the subject line. Please include a photocopy or scan of your identity document. You will receive a response within four weeks.

Right to object 
We may also use your personal data for marketing purposes. You may limit our use of your data in this context. Your options are as follows:

  • objection to receiving commercial offers from a.s.r. reim;
  • objection to being contacted by telephone as part of marketing campaigns. This is arranged through the ´Bel me niet' (Do Not Call Me) register;
  • objection to participating in customer satisfaction surveys.

For more information, please call +31 (0)30 257 91 11 or email us at asr.klachten.asrvv@asr.nl.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact:

a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer
Attn: Klachtenservice (Complaints Service)
PO Box 2008 
3500 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands
By email: asr.klachten.asrvv@asr.nl 
By telephone: +31 (0)30 257 91 11

Complaints about the recording of your personal data can be submitted to a.s.r. reim. You can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority or the court.

Disclosure to third parties 
We are occasionally required by law to disclose personal data to organizations outside of a.s.r., such as the tax authorities, benefit fraud investigators, the police or judicial authorities. All disclosures of data to third parties are made with the greatest care, and only in response to request for information that is based on statutory provisions.

Notification to Dutch Data Protection Authority 
The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) has been notified of the personal data that we keep in our customer records. The Dutch DPA is the body tasked with monitoring the proper implementation of the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens). This notification can be found under notification number 1300881 in the pubic register of notifications on the website of the Dutch DPA.

Use of this website 
a.s.r. has taken appropriate steps to ensure you can visit and use this website securely and to prevent abuse. Any persons who are able to view the data are bound to secrecy.